Damien began as an AC and spark on LFS, NFTS and Met film grad shorts whilst also operating on feature documentaries, he then transitioned into the lighting department. He has grown from sparking on shorts to being  gaffer on music promos and a dozen shorts culminating in being the gaffer on six feature films & gaffer on commercials.

He will increase his trajectory through cinematography, gaining experience on ever larger productions. Continually learning and growing his aesthetic knowledge.

¨You came on board and took straight to it. I remember meeting you on the Sunday "prep" evening and you instantly instilling in me a confidence. You kept insanely cool despite consistently being pressured.


Your care to make this film look the nuts really stunned me and having seen things on the monitors, I'm assured we have a cooly lit film. 


Thank you so much for all the time and dedication, I'll get you back to you for another round.¨ 

Luke Kaile - Producer of Criminal Audition

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